Are you paying too much for your shoes?

Are you paying too much for your shoes?
I know! That sounds strange coming from an Australian handmade, designer shoes company, doesn't it? But I think about this all the time.
Because I'm not really talking about the cost of the shoes themselves. You and I both know that I'm the LAST person to try and tell you not to make an investment into your footwear wardrobe. If we were living in my dream world, every woman would have Preston Zly on their feet.
However... that's not what I mean.
When I talk about "paying too much for your shoes", I'm talking about your CPW. That stands for Cost Per Wear. Have you ever thought about what your cost per wear is on your shoes? Like I said, I think about this a lot.
Picture this -
You buy a $150 pair of shoes, and you wear them at work, 5 days a week, for 3 months. That's 60 wears total. So $150 divide by 60 wears equals $2.50. That's your Cost Per Wear.
Not bad? Well, let's look at this from a different angle.
You buy a $600 pair of Preston Zly's and you wear them at work, 5 days a week, for 10 years. That's 2400 wears total. So $600 divide by 2400 wears equals $0.25. That's your Cost Per Wear.
25 cents per wear for the lifetime of your shoes? That's the power of realising what Cost Per Wear really means.
On a cost-per-wear basis a well made pair of shoes with the fashion savvy to pass the test of time is one of the most economical wardrobe investments you’ll ever make.
And let's be real here, too. We're talking about something much more than money here - your health. Your foot health, specifically.
We all know that high heels and shoes that pinch can cause long term damage to your feet - the kind of damage that can create chronic pain conditions down the track. That might be a future-you problem right now, but if it happened there’d be nothing worse than knowing you bought it on yourself with cheap shoes, especially when it's so easily avoided. 
What more and more clever women are discovering is, you don’t have to trade style for comfort - you can absolutely have both. Our new summer collection, Rites of Spring, has a range of heels, flats and sandals that not only are amazing investments financially on a Cost Per Wear basis, but they also support your feet in the best way possible.
Grab yourself a pair of these before they're gone.
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