Walk with Confidence in These Comfortable Designer Heels

Walk with Confidence in These Comfortable Designer Heels
There's no denying that your shoes can make or break an outfit. And with footwear, there's nothing quite like a beautiful pair of handmade shoes to make a statement and elevate your look. Whether you're dressing up for a unique occasion or want to add flair to your everyday wardrobe, comfortable and supremely wearable shoes are the perfect way to walk and turn heads wherever you go confidently.
Of course, one of the biggest challenges with shoes (and especially heels) is finding a pair that's comfortable enough to wear for extended periods. After all, no one wants to hobble around in painful heels after just a few minutes.
Ballerina Flats
Ballerina flats are a popular choice of footwear for many Australian women as they are versatile and trendy and can be worn with a range of outfits, from casual to formal. The flat heel design provides comfort and support for the feet, making them ideal for long wear - especially when they have the padded in-sole and arch support that Preston Zly's do.
Take a look at the Preston Zly Josephine to see one of our best-selling flats.
Everyday Mules
Everyday mules are the perfect footwear for Australian women who are constantly on the move.
They are comfortable slipping on and off, making them convenient for those who are always in a rush. Moreover, these mules are durable and can withstand the damage of regular use, making them a significant investment for anyone searching for a reliable and stylish pair of shoes.
Our favourite Preston Zly mules are the Olympia.
Date Night Heels
These are the perfect choice for those hoping to add a touch of sophistication and glamour to their outfit without sacrificing comfort. These handmade heels are carefully designed to not only look great but feel great too.
Seriously - you'll hear our customers raving about how our high heels are like walking on a cloud, comfortable on the first wear and all-night wearable. Whether heading to a fancy restaurant, a cocktail bar or a romantic stroll on the beach, date night heels will elevate your look and make you feel confident and stylish.
Our best date night heels are the Tango and Piano.
Platform Heels
Platform heels are the perfect choice for those who want a little extra height but without the wobbliness of a stiletto. Our Preston Zly Platform Heels have a thick sole that adds extra height without sacrificing comfort - these heels have the same global-acclaimed comfort that all Preston Zly's are known for.
If I had to recommend my two favourite pairs of Preston Zly Platform Heels, it'd be Marie and Amstel Boot.
If you're seeking a classic pair of heels for work and beyond, pumps are the way to go. They feature a thick sole that raises the foot off the ground, providing extra height without sacrificing stability.
One of our best-selling pumps of all time is the Nancy, a classic work pump that is oh-so comfortable and just divine to wear.
Ankle Strap Sandals
At Preston Zly, we pride ourselves on being master shoe designers and makers, which is why we always have a range of ankle strap sandals - perfect for those of you who want extra support and stability.
We design our Preston Zly's to keep your foot in place so you can walk confidently and comfortably, and some of my personal favourites are Casablanca and Sophia.

Final Thoughts
If you've never had the experience of wearing handmade shoes before, but you've always wondered what it's like (and you've seen how much our customers love their Preston Zly's!), take a look at our Classics collection or any of the shoes I've recommended in this post.
Once you go Preston Zly, you never go back.
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