Find the perfect pair of work shoes?

Find the perfect pair of work shoes?
In today’s world, shoes are not just a cover for our feet; they are a fashion statement and an essential part of our work wardrobe. Choosing the right pair of shoes for work can be daunting; however, finding the perfect pair that will keep your feet comfortable while making a statement is a challenge.
We have a lot of experience helping women finding the perfect pair of work shoes, so let's get into it with this article!

Consider the Dress Code

Obviously, your workplaces dress code is going to dictate what work shoes you can wear - we don't need to say the obvious.
If you work in a conservative office, avoid flashy shoes that are too bright or have distracting designs. Instead, opt for classic shoes that are neutral in colour and design. If you work in a more relaxed environment, you can go for shoes that are more colourful and have more personality.
Take a look at our Babi Circle and Avignon T as an example of workplace shoes our customers wear all the time that are both comfortable and stylish.

Comfort is Key

When it comes to choosing the perfect shoes for ANY occasion, but even more especially for work, comfort should be your top priority.
Our feet are one of the most under-appreciated parts of our body, they take us everywhere and help us do so many things BUT, wearing uncomfortable shoes can cause foot pain and other health problems.
That's what makes Preston Zly's so special - they are created by master-craftspeople who understand foot anatomy and have designed our shoes to perfection to ensure you have all the support you could possibly need!
Take a look at our Marlene Ankle Boot and Nancy for perfect examples of heels that have been designed to be wearable.

Consider the Material

The material of your shoes can also affect their comfort and durability. Leather is a popular material for work shoes because it is durable and breathable, which helps prevent foot odour.
Leather is the absolute best choice because it lasts the longest and is the most comfortable. We have a leather engineer in our team who sources and works with the leather in our uppers, which means every Preston Zly has that fine-attention detail and the most support you could possibly ask for.
Take a look at our Cicely Boot and D'artagnan to see exactly what we mean.

Pay Attention to the Sole

Look for shoes with a non-slip sole, especially if you work in an environment with slippery floors.
At Preston Zly, we specifically design our soles to be thick, supportive and about as comfortable as you can find on the market, meaning you get the best support and prevent foot pain.
Our favourite creation that demonstrates this is our Trampa.


Choosing the perfect shoes for work does not have to be an ongoing drama, especially when you make the investment into high quality shoes like Preston Zly's, that are made to last decades.
If you take into consideration everything we've mentioned in this post, you'll find the perfect pair of Preston Zly's to add to your collection and walk you through every season at work you could possibly imagine.
Our expertly crafted shoes are perfect for any occasion, and with our convenient online shoe shopping in Australia, you can browse and purchase from the comfort of your own home.
Choose from our collection today!
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