La Marseillaise

In trying to come up with a title for our next collection with its sleek lean lines, striking shapes and tough femininity we were looking for a word or phrase that encapsulated the idea of the female warrior - goddess, hero, fighter - something that said what we believe all of you to be. The most perfect was the French national anthem - best sung by Edith Piaf and Mireille Mathieu in our opinion - and so we have it - a name!

And yes, it is a warlike song - but the sentiments are timeless and yet perfect for our strange times - it's about important freedoms - the freedom from tyranny, for equality and fighting for what you believe.

You may not feel like a warrior, hero or goddess but to us, you are.

Heading back into potentially Covid infected workplaces, holding the fort while the rest of us were in lockdown, working from home wrangling new technologies, transforming your businesses to survive Covid - the list goes on.

As women, we are all heroes - as partners, mothers, daughters, career women, friends. Sometimes even the act of getting out of bed is heroic - it certainly feels like it for me on many occasions - especially now that the I'm waking up and it's still dark.

So - this collection is for you - with something for everyone - strong, comfortable, wearable and sexy styles for you to stride out and embrace the next chapter of your life as we finally emerge from Covid and re-engage with the word around us - our heroes - our sole sirens - with something for everyone - intrinsically feminine but unapologetically tough - so you can wear your inner toughness on the outside.

As social psychologist Adam Galinsky says ' Clothes invade the body and the brain putting the wearer into a different psychological state' - and the same can be said for shoes.

So embrace your inner warrior - whatever that feels like for you - and take on the world with confidence and power with our collection, La Marseillaise!!!

The heel height of Nancy is 7.5cm

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