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Preston Zly

Vida Shoe

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Sunny skies coyly whisper - JAUNT!  Through the door, through the gate - JAUNT!  Music on the summer breeze - JAUNT!  Over the hills and far away - JAUNT!  Put down your books, put down your pens - JAUNT!  Get out of bed, throw off the covers, make a call, meet your lover and JAUNT!

The Ministry for Mirth advises you to jaunt responsibly!

We loved the platform and heel detail of our Caravel style (see the Vintage collection) so much we decided to reinvent it for JAUNT as a Mary Jane - and who doesn't want a Mary Jane with all its benefits of trans-seasonality, secure ankle straps and total foot coverage? But with the added advantage of the height of this super sharp platform and sturdy nautical inspired heel?

Personally, I'm loving wearing this shoe - the hand woven vamp detail is a joy to look at (and wear) and the distressed metallic leathers really give this edgy style an urban grittiness that I just love for many of my wardrobe pieces. The last height if this style (which determines the angle of the foot) is an easy wearing 7.5cm and the platform at the front is 4cm - bringing the total extra height you gain with style to a fabulous 11.5cm - yet it's just so easy to wear - who wouldn't want the advantages of all that height in the perfectly edgy all seasons' shoe?

The fit of this style is generous and we recommend ordering one size smaller than usual.


We understand you might feel it's risky buying luxury shoes online without the opportunity to try them on - and that's why we're here for you all the way. Please feel free to contact Johanna: or +61 426 889 404 to discuss fit prior to purchase if you have any queries.

There is some general sizing info in our FAQs page. We are also more than happy to send you a pair or two to try. And of course we offer a full refund should the style and/or fit be unsuitable. We are here to make sure your online shopping experience is as fabulous as the one you would have in store.

And yes, as you well know, extraordinarily beautiful things, designed with consideration and crafted finely, don't come cheap.

In a time when the ‘exclusive’ European brands we so often associate with the term ‘limited edition’, are making their shoes in the tens and hundreds of thousands per style at prices often  exceeding $1300, our micro team at Preston Zly are making around 500 pairs a year – by hand – spread over 16 designs. Now that’s what I call limited edition.