How to be the woman who kills it at the style game & shows her true power

I'm Johanna Preston, Designer and CEO of Preston Zly

We make beautiful, unique and powerful footwear for women just like you.

I've been helping amazing women step into their unique personal style for over 25 years and over this time I've helped women step out of their comfort zone and into something more exciting - the power to dress to express who they are as individuals.

I've also been told that I'm a stylish woman - something I used to laugh off over the years but have come to own.

I would like to bring this knowledge and experience of dressing myself, to you - so that you too can find, experience and know the true power of your style.

1. There are no rules - forget what the mainstream tells you about dressing for your age
or shape - do what you want to do and try new things - the world has changed and we
own who we are - we don't have to answer to anyone else.

2. Experiment - it's easy to get stuck in a rut - shopping for the same types of things/colours or at the same shops - try something new and unexpected - get out of the box.

3. Don't be afraid - trying something new might seem out there and you might
initially feel uncomfortable wearing a colour or style that is really different to how you
normally dress - you have nothing to lose in trying something really different - and
you might find it opens a whole new outlook on how you can present yourself. Walk
around in this new look in store and imagine how a new item can transform other
items in your wardrobe.

4. Seek out independent designers - this way you can find amazing pieces that you
can wear back with simple basics to really own a look - and know that what you are
wearing won't be one of hundreds of the same look worn by everyone, everywhere,
all the time.


5. Ask for help. This is especially true if you shop independent - these boutique
owners really know their stock and the fit of everything they sell - they know the
stories behind the labels they sell and are expert at styling women to look their best
and feel comfortable in their clothing choices.

6. Seek out the unusual - it doesn't have to be kooky but it's great if it's something
that you don't see on every second woman you work with.

7. Never ever forget about the shoes - a great outfit can be badly let down by
generic shoes but an ordinary outfit always gets a lift from something unique and
special in the shoe department.

8. Buy the best you can afford - beautiful pieces from independent designers have
longevity - the quality is better and you will find you can still mix and match them
years after your fast fashion purchases have lost their luster. Good pieces have a way
of re-inventing themselves and the clothes they are worn alongside.

At Preston Zly we say great shoes are the secret to oozing with style.

Our shoes stand the test of time and if you look after them, you will still be getting comments on your Preston Zlys that are 10 - 20+ years old.


What customers say about us...

I got home, put them on, and I don’t think I’ll ever take them off. This love affair has just started! These are so comfortable it’s crazy, together with fabulous client service, I’m hooked!” — Brooke

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