Hi, I'm Johanna Preston. Designer and CEO of Preston Zly

We make beautiful, unique and powerful footwear for women just like you.

For more than a quarter of a decade it’s been my mission to help amazing women fully embrace their own unique sense of style. 

Truly stylish women find a place of self expression that goes way beyond trends

Beyond what other people tell them to wear - they dress in a way that communicates who they are beautifully, that they find a joyful and effortless form of self-expression.

Fashion is meant to be fun - the purpose of it is to bring joy to yourself - and often to others too! If you’ve always wanted to be the one who receives admiring glances for your sense of style, then there’s one secret you need to know. 

When you think of the most stylish women you know, it can be difficult to see what the common denominator is. Style can mean so many different things to different people - it can encompass a whole range of looks. 

What remains true across the board, though - are the unmistakable hallmarks of style. What really separates the truly stylish from everyone else is more often than not the way they use accessories. 

What do all these women have in common?

Other than being incredible fashionable, they all have one thing that they ALL understand... They all know good shoes set you apart in no other way.

It's ALL in the shoes. I should know.

If you invest in shoes that show your taste and eye for quality, every outfit you wear with them gets elevated. Whether they’re luxury designer clothes or a discovery from your local op-shop, shoes will absolutely make or break every outfit you wear.

Why’s that? Unlike a lot of clothes out there (Even “designer'' ones), the quality of a really good pair of shoes is obvious to anyone who knows what they’re looking for.

Even the most carefully crafted outfit can have the whole effect ruined by shabby shoes. Looking like someone who is trying a bit too hard is the last thing anyone wants, but if they fall into this fashion trap, it can be the inevitable result. 

Thankfully, the reverse is also true - if your footwear demonstrates your good taste, whatever else you’re wearing shines as well - you’re instantly seen as someone who “Gets it” on a level other stylish people instantly recognise - and appreciate.

It’s also an economically clever choice to invest in high quality, well crafted footwear. Carrying you effortlessly through season after season, showcasing your fashion credentials year after year - the “cost per wear” of quality shoes that can be repaired and stand the test of time make them one of the best investments you could ever make. Not just beautiful - but smart too!

We invite you to make an investment in yourself - step out into the world as the truly stylish woman you are, embrace your power and elevate your look with a pair of limited edition, locally designed, beautifully handcrafted shoes. You deserve the best.