Why You Should Invest In Comfortable Shoes

Why You Should Invest In Comfortable Shoes
We can't leave the house without shoes - that's a fact of modern life. But so often, women sacrifice their comfort and foot health for style, or feel like they have to sacrifice style for comfort. Wearing poorly designed and uncomfortable shoes can cause so many foot problems, and it's completely unnecessary when there are so many great options, like Preston Zly.
In this article, we'll show you why Preston Zly is known for its comfort AND style, and why it matters that there's a team of master craftspeople and shoe designers who understand foot anatomy designing shoes for you.
Let's go!
Prevent Foot Pain and Injury
Wearing uncomfortable shoes can cause foot pain and injury. High heels, for example, can put a lot of pressure on the balls of the feet and cause a range of problems, including bunions, blisters, and plantar fasciitis.
When a shoe is designed with your foot anatomy in mind, they are designed specifically with structure to help you prevent foot pain and injury. That's why so many of our customers report Preston Zly's being their most comfortable shoes and even their most comfortable high heels (yes really!).
We have spent decades figuring out how to design comfortable shoes and especially comfortable heels, that you can spend all day in and not feel a thing!
Improve Posture and Balance
Wearing comfortable shoes can also improve posture and balance. Shoes with proper arch support and cushioning can help distribute weight evenly across the feet and reduce pressure on the joints, improving balance and reducing the risk of falls and other injuries.
Wearing comfortable and properly designed shoes can also improve your posture and balance.
Have you ever seen a woman in sky high stilletos but hunched over?
Did you know that hunched look doesn't actually come from her shoulders but from where the heel of the shoe is placed in the shoe design?
At Preston Zly, we keep this in mind when designing all of our shoes, but especially our world-class and most comfortable high heels. When women wear Preston Zly high heels, they never slouch - and that's because we've made sure the shoe is designed to support you standing tall and in your power.
Most importantly, shoes with properly structured insoles and cushioning can help to distribute weight evenly across the feet and reduce pressure on your joints. This can help to improve balance and reduce the risk of falls and other injuries. That's what we're all about.
Reduce Environmental Impact
When you invest into high quality and truly comfortable (and stylish!) shoes like Preston Zly, you're not only making an investment in your foot health - you're making an investment to not put more waste into the environment.
Our shoes are made from sustainable materials sourced from the best locations and produced using environmentally-friendly processes. Because we prioritise quality, this means our shoes regularly last decades. YES - DECADES!!
This is truly one fo the best payoffs you get from buying good quality, comfortable shoes like Preston Zly.
Increase Cost-Effectiveness
We've talked about Cost-Per-Wear a lot on our blog but that's because it's one of the benefits of being a Preston Zly customer.
When you invest in truly comfortable high quality shoes like Preston Zly, you start to see the pay-off in so many ways - wearability, quality, longevity, sustainability. When our customers invest $600 (or close to) on their pair of Preston Zly, they're essentially guaranteeing themselves a lifetime with those shoes.
How many other shoe brands do you know that can make that promise?
Not many, and we're glad to for our Sole Sirens!!
Prevent Long-Term Damage
The longer you wear poorer quality shoes, the more damage you're going to have to prepare yourself for in your later life. Especially if you're a busy woman on her feet!
That's why making the investment now in high quality, comfortable shoes is a a long-term investment into your feet. Modern day life asks us to run around and wear a million hats, but we can do it in shoes that are properly fitted fitted, have the necessary support and cushioning to protect the feet and legs and prevent long-term damage.
The Bottom Line
Comfortable shoes are crucial for your foot health. Shoes like Preston Zly can help you prevent foot pain and injury, enhance posture and balance, increase cost-effectiveness and prevent long term damage to your feet.
Investing in quality, comfortable shoes is worth it for both health and financial reasons.
Preston Zly Design is Australia's leading handmade designer shoe company, offering a collection of meticulously designed and crafted shoes for women who are ready to invest into their feet and step into their power.
Shop now for comfortable and stylish footwear.


Or join the amazing community of women who invest in their feet by wearing Preston Zly, do incredible things in comfortable AND stylish shoes.


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