Extraordinarily beautiful things, designed with consideration

In a time when the ‘exclusive’ European brands we so often associate with the term ‘limited edition’, are making their shoes in the tens and hundreds of thousands per style at prices often exceeding $1300, our micro team at Preston Zly are making around 500 pairs a year – by hand – spread over 16 designs. Now that’s what I call limited edition.

  • Best. Shoes. Ever. Stylish. Quirky. Wearable art. Gorgeous.

    - Caroline

  • Fabulous handcrafted shoes designed by and for women - I love my Preston Zly footwear.

    - Anastasia

  • They are glorious and like walking on air.

    - Joanna

Find shoes as unique as you

Johanna Preston, shoe maker for 25 years, creates shoes for women like you. "Preston Zly is for women who want to ooooooooze with style while looking like you aren’t trying one bit. That’s the power of the right shoes for you."