Sunny skies coyly whisper - JAUNT!  Through the door, through the gate - JAUNT!  Music on the summer breeze - JAUNT!  Over the hills and far away - JAUNT!  Put down your books, put down your pens - JAUNT!  Get out of bed, throw off the covers, make a call, meet your lover and JAUNT!

The Ministry for Mirth advises you to jaunt responsibly!

There is something for everyone in our JAUNT collection - from the powerful to wear classic shapes of Babi or Avignon Slingbacks, our summer version of the Trampa in a super easy to wear sandal with a blue component and a quirky 3D printed red flower heel. Look out for woven leather, simple hole punching details and a striking Japanese Kabuki inspired wedge which embraces the 'beautiful ugly' of the flatform. This summer we have (mostly) eschewed black for something a little bit more fun as we carefully celebrate our post COVID lockdown lives!