Electric Jungle

Preston Zly have let their primitive impulses run away with them in the ELECTRIC JUNGLE collection this Spring and Summer. The forms are bold while sophisticated, decadent but dynamic. Born out of the swirl of the urban jungle, this collection transposes our signature styles and techniques to a more direct and vital expression.

The Alsace Mary-Jane, while being inspired by seed pods, is totally futuristic while D’Orsay takes its point of departure from the leaves of the Monstereosa Deliciosa plant to extend our usage of the slashed leather technique.

In our Cruise and Babi Mule the arabesque curves of vines and disco dancers informs our favorite – the peep toe shoe, replete with hand woven leather uppers.
Pared back to a primal language, the circle and the square become a force of nature. Vital but sophisticated and barely tamed the Orb and Chequered Wedge share in the light hearted mirth of making a feature out of a detail.