Want to know the secret to stability?

Want to know the secret to stability?
There's a good reason the world says “tottering around on a pair of heels”.
It's because usually when you opt for fashionable heels, you have to sacrifice stability. In order to be stylish, you have to also give up safety. Especially for us ladies who are losing our balance a little more often than we'd like.
And look, this is one of those things that makes sense because honestly? Most shoes are not designed to be stable AND stylish.
When I started designing shoes 20+ years ago, stable and stylish weren't things that went together. There was no such thing... and that's why when Preston Zly started to take off, that's what we became known for!
The secret not many people know is, there ARE ways you can have both - a comfortable foot with stability AND the fashion advantages of heels. 
Most people know that the broader the heel, the more stable the shoe, generally speaking. When you have your whole body weight balancing on a tiny stiletto, all the “putting the weight on the balls of your feet” in the world is only going to do so much - they, by necessity involve a bit of a balancing act with every step.
The problem is that as you make the heel more chunky, the style of the shoe and the overall look can be compromised. 
As you can imagine, we've spent a long time getting the style and stability formula JUST right.
There’s two main factors in play here which you might not know about if you don't design shoes for a living.
  1. Create a narrow side profile so the heel looks smaller than it is
  2. Create more curve on the underside of the shoe to give the illusion of a higher heel
  3. Together you have a heel that is chunky enough to give you stability that doesn’t look chunky at all - gorgeous! 
The other big secrets to stability are foot coverage and fit.
Most people find they can wear a much higher heel in boots than they can in other shoes, because the full-coverage nature of the boot gives you more stability. When you bring foot coverage to the ability to make adjustments to straps, you get the absolute securist, safest, stablist (is that even a word?) fit.
We call it the Preston Zly formula and this design and thought process and is in every single one of our shoes.
So what are you waiting for? Get yourself a pair of our amazingly stylish AND stable shoes.
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