Every truly fashionable person knows this

Every truly fashionable person knows this
At the end of the day, when it comes to being stylish - it’s all about the shoes. I should know. 
It’s one of the things they’ll never tell you - it’s always your shoes and accessories that really communicate how refined your taste actually is. When people are assessing you, your shoes are the first place they’ll look. 
Now, you might be thinking -
"Of course you say that - you're selling shoes!"
And you're right, we do sell extremely limited edition, handmade shoes. We're on of Australia's best designer shoes company.
Let me show you what I mean with a real life example.
This is Cara Delevingne.
Imagine this; you’re strolling down the street, off to get your weekly groceries, and you see Cara Delevingne walking towards you dressed in her Chanel catwalk look from the 2019 Paris Fashion Week. That's the one pictured above.
What would your thoughts be?
Personally, just looking at how well that suit is styled, especially when accompanied by a similar patterned houndstooth coat, shows me that she is a woman of distinction. Her whole outfit screams runway while also managing to look incredibly comfortable.
Now, imagine this -
She’s strutting towards you, looking incredible as ever...
BUT, as she gets closer you notice something…
She's not wearing the beautiful platform shoes shown in the picture...
But instead is wearing cheap, Kmart slip ons.
What are your thoughts now? Have they changed?
I know they would for me because I spend so much time thinking about shoes and how an outfit looks with the right pair of shoes.
And this is not to shame Kmart slip ons, they do have their time and place in many people's lives.
However, when your focus is on putting together an outfit that oozes styles, not paying attention to the details of your shoes isn't going to cut it. In fact, it's going to let you down.
This example with Cara Delevingne goes to show that you can wear the most expensive and fashionable designer outfit in the world - but if your shoes are shabby, the whole effect is ruined.

So, why is it worth putting a bit of extra dough towards not just a good quality shoe, but a beautifully designed shoe?

Well the thing is, unlike cheap shoes and even a lot of so-called “designer” stuff, the quality of a REALLY good pair of shoes is obvious to anyone who knows what they’re looking for. There’s an unmistakable aura that can’t be faked when someone has something really special on their feet - it’s simply not something you can afford to skimp on. 
This aura isn’t obvious in Cara’s catwalk picture. However, in the video of the event you can feel the confident energy of true quality emanating from Cara’s platform hikers.
The energy doesn't lie.

Style is obvious, even when it’s not openly being thrown in your face.

So if your shoes show your true taste, it's fair to say they can elevate anything else you’re wearing - no matter what it is.
The right pair can carry you through season after season, showcasing your fashion credentials year after year. On a cost-per-wear basis they’re probably one of the cheapest things you can buy, fashion wise, but you’ll never look cheap when you’re wearing something this fabulous.
You can get away with cheaper clothes if you have the right shoes, but cheap shoes will destroy any look.
That’s why if you’re going to invest in something that really elevates your wardrobe, shoes are the smartest choice - one fabulous pair that really speaks to your own style can make all the difference every time you strut out the door.
They’re not only going to make you feel stylish and confident, but it's going to ooze out of you without saying a word too.
Ready to join the ranks of the real sole sisters? Your perfect pair is just one click away: 
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