Are your good intentions going to waste?

Are your good intentions going to waste?
We all know that when we indulge in “fast fashion” that we’re contributing to a global catastrophe of waste. For many of us, the decision not to buy fast fashion, and instead to invest in more high-end pieces is one we’ve chosen to make. Getting intentional about our purchasing is as good for our wardrobe as it is for the planet.
If all you’ve done is shifted to higher-end brands when you shop, though, you may not be doing as much good as you think.
What many people don’t realise is that a designer label and a luxury level price tag doesn’t mean the brand also has sustainable practices.
Many high end designer labels ensure scarcity by sending huge amounts of unsold stock to landfill every couple of weeks - the margin is there to cover the wastage, and environmental concerns don’t come into the picture at all. Despite their elevated brand status, and the extra money you pay for their creations, they can be producing just as much waste as many “fast fashion” brands.
If your good intention is centered on making a real difference with your fashion shopping, then your focus needs to be on sustainability - you’ll want to know the manufacturing processes, the materials used, the way in which that particular brand operates all the way through their supply chain.
Of course not every brand is transparent about that (and with good reason, because often it’s an ugly story they simply don’t want you to know) - but there is a rising tide of brands who are willing to shine a light on their internal workings, and who choose transparency and ethical behaviour so that people can make more informed choices about exactly what their hard earned dollars are supporting.
No one has time to research every single purchase they make to this degree - but there is one easy way you can ensure that your good intentions aren’t going to waste.
Simply choose to support makers - designers who are bringing their creations into being themselves, without mass production.
Designers who produce in limited runs for an exclusive audience not only produce more interesting things, they are also able to exert much more control over their waste and all their practices.
By working with smaller, ethical workshops rather than massive factories or sweat shops, they gain not only the creative freedom to produce extraordinary things, but the ability to do it in a far more ethical way as well.
When you buy from smaller makers with an eye on sustainable practices, you can rest assured that not only are you getting a fabulous designer item made with love and care, but you’re also not contributing to the problems mass production creates.
That's what we do at Preston Zly.
We have a high focus on sustainability by only producing extremely limited numbers with ethical practices. The shoes are beautifully crafted and designed to last for 20+ years so that the investment you make is one that's actually sustainable.
We’re proud to be makers - we’ve had more than one offer on the table over the years to get into mass production, but that will never be what we’re about.
There’s too many compromises when it comes to quality and sustainability when you go down that route - so we have made the intentional choice to limit our volume and concentrate on quality instead. Our customers appreciate the attention to detail and we’re much happier knowing we’re part of the solution instead of just another problem.
Now, it’s up to you. The solution is right there - to make a big impact, shop small. Your local community of makers, your wardrobe, and the planet, will thank you
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